We pride ourselves in adopting a closed loop system in which we circulate products for as long as their maximum value is retained.
We feel that there is no better way to show appreciation towards someone’s crafts besides keeping them circulated.
We assist every pre-owned, secondhand and vintage products individually with the scope of putting that product back in circulation. Where needed the products are cared for and restored to look as close to its original condition as possible.
Garments & Fabrication
Our aim is to not use new resources. Each product is individually crafted to ensure that what we produce and sell can either be used again (re-sold, circulated ) or recycled. When we design our products we take into consideration the product end-of- life — therefore, we look at using fabrics that can be recycled or composted.
During the Design process we divide our fabrics by three main categories;
Recycled Fabrics - the fabrics include but are not limited to, recycled fabric or fabric made with recycled plastic, recycled cotton garments, or cotton linter, a waste byproduct of cotton farming.
Waste / Remnant Fabric – At Mystic Moods we are continually innovating ways to use fabric remnants.
Natural / Compostable Fabrics - 100% sustainable fibres.
We source any type of accessories including leather goods. The accessories we carry are both second-hand and custom made. Our custom made accessories are made using any of our three fabric choices; recycle content, remnant or sustainable.