Sustainability is at the core of Mystic Moods. We stand by what we believe in and have made it our mission to promote sustainability to consumers. At Mystic Moods we work towards getting certified around the fabrication we use. Certification ensures that appropriate standards around the fabrics we use are upheld. Our collections are made in our studio or outsourced from like minded people who upheld our values. This allow us to have full product transparency and share with our customers our practice about how, where, and by whom their Mystic Moods were made. Our collections are individually crafted to ensure that what we produce does not create further disruptions to the environment. Each product that we carry is made to withstand the test of time.

We understand that you may not hold your Mystic Moods forever and that you’ll eventually want “new thrills” . Therefore , we ask that once you’re finished with your Mystic Moods that you up-cycle, sell, share, donate or gift donate your products. All your Mystic Moods can go into textile recycling bank or home recycling points. This will help ease the current issues with waste and the environment.

At Mystic Moods we produce small but what we produce is a true representation of our values and beliefs. We feel that what you wear on your skin should be as good as you are.

DESIGN — When we design our products we take into consideration the product end-of- life — therefore, we look at using fabrics that can be recycled or composted.

FABRIC — we divide our fabrics by three main categories;

Recycled Fabrics - the fabrics include but are not limited to, recycled fabric or fabric made with recycled plastic, recycled cotton garments, or cotton linter, a waste byproduct of cotton farming.

Waste / Remnant Fabric – At Mystic Moods we are continually innovating ways to use fabric remnants. 

Natural / Compostable Fabrics - 100% sustainable fibres.

SUPPLIER — we manufacture our limited edition in our studio or outsource from like minded people who upheld our values.

PACKAGING — We are using sustainable and recyclable materials for the labels and packaging

TRANSPORT — We are opting for carbon-neutral shipping options.


Our responsibility towards a more sustainable future does not end when the product(s) reaches you! We constantly work towards finding innovative opportunities to improve our products.