Condition Guide

At MYSTIC MOODS our mission is to encourage consumers to shop sustainably.
All our unique pre-owned, second-hand and vintage products are carefully inspected. Where possible we Restore our unique products in an effort to increase the product(s) life span. Given the second-hand nature of the product(s) and age , some light imperfections may prevail. Nevertheless, this may not be intrusive to the overall condition of the product.
We made sure to provide Condition Description on every product’s page. Please carefully read and view the Product Condition Description & Photos.
With every purchase you make on our site you are positively contributing to the environment.
A product which has been restored to its used wearable condition. Product(s) which may show some very light wear that is in line with the product(s) age .Light alterations and repairs on the product(s) lining, padding or shell. The product(s) may have; replaced buttons, embellishment and sequence, or replaced attachable accessories(belts). Nevertheless, some fabric marks or stains may prevail.
A product in Great condition shows no signs of wear and no visible faults.Product(s) may be considered New but still sold as second-hand. Some of the product(s) may show very light wear that is in line with the product(s) age.
The product could show; light fabric pilling and pulled threads. Light fabric fading, fabric marks, stains or tearing.
A product in Fair condition may show some signs of wear; fabric fading, fabric marks or stains, open seams, fabric pilling, pulled threads, open seams, broken, skipped or missing stitches (knitwear), missing buttons and attachable accessories (belts), missing embellishment & sequence.